Verismo Trio announces a commissioning project 

sponsored by Wyoming Music Teacher’s Association.


  • $2000 composer’s fee
  • Premiere performance at Wyoming Music Teacher Association’s Annual Conference in June 2013.
  • Recording of a live performance


Composers of all ages and nationalities may apply.

Required instrumentation:

  • Flute (may double on piccolo)
  • Saxophone: either soprano, alto , or tenor (soprano or alto preferred) or multiples in any combination
  • Piano

Length: 10-15 minutes

Score: Each composer must submit a legible score of professional quality with individual parts for flute and saxophone.  No marks identifying the composer should appear anywhere on the score. 

A supporting recording (CD only) is helpful but not required.  MIDI realizations are acceptable. 

Number of entries: Composers may submit as many entries as they like following these guidelines for each composition.

Returning materials: If you would like your score and recording returned, please enclose a self-addressed envelope with correct US postage.


All compositions will be judged by a committee comprised of Verismo Trio, the president of Wyoming Music Teacher’s Association, and one outside musician in a reading session with Verismo Trio.

Registration fee

Thanks to this generous donation from Wyoming Music Teacher’s Association, there is no registration fee. 


You may not submit a work that has already been professionally recorded for commercial release.

Deadline for receipt of entries: postmarked by February 1, 2013.

Please do not send materials registered or certified mail, or any mail service that requires a signature.  They will not be returned to you.  

Mail your entries to:

Verismo Trio Commissioning Project

c/o Nicole Riner

Dept. 3037

1000 E. University Ave.

Laramie, WY 82071

For further information or questions, contact Nicole at

Good luck! 

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