"Verismo Trio's performance and work with our students was of the highest musicianship, every phrase and gesture by the ensemble was guided by true artistry." -- Dr. Paula Gudmundson, University of Minnesota Duluth 

Verismo Trio Residency Menu

Verismo Trio are active as clinicians, dedicated to training young chamber musicians in school residencies and master classes in conjunction with their performances. In this way, they hope to bring a wealth of contemporary composers to a younger audience and encourage collaborations in future generations.  

Verismo Trio is proud to be on the Wyoming Arts Council Roster and the Nevada Arts Learning Roster. These juried rosters provide community support for presenting educational programs and concerts for qualifying presenters. We also receive support from Altus Flutes, Rico Reeds, and the Yamaha Corporation; visit our Press Kit for details.   

Please contact Nicole Riner at verismotrio@gmail.com to schedule your residency. 

 Residency # 1: Chamber Music Boot Camp: Chamber music skills are crucial to developing good musicianship, but the school year provides limited time to practice chamber music in an active band program involved in numerous concerts and competitions.  This chamber music-intensive residency allows students to practice listening, blending with their peers by exploring new colors and levels of control on their instruments, and of course, assuming more responsibility for their participation in the musical whole.  Student chamber groups will perform prepared music in a masterclass setting and receive help from the veteran performers of Verismo Trio as well as tips on how to rehearse and how to communicate in the practice room and on stage.  Verismo pianist Theresa Bogard will be available to teach a special workshop on collaborative piano with student duos and trios involving piano.  Verismo will also hold a round table discussion on the business of making and promoting chamber music.  In the final concert, Verismo Trio will share the stage with student groups who received coaching in the masterclasses.  

This residency requires some student ensemble preparation before Verismo Trio’s arrival and can also include individual masterclasses and workshops listed below. 

Residency # 2: Composers’ Collaborations: Young composers are brimming with creative ideas, but they often lack one crucial component as they build their portfolios: real, live musicians to play their pieces!   Verismo Trio is dedicated to collaborating with composers and has commissioned or premiered more than twenty new works for flute, saxophone, and piano in various combinations.  A composition residency will include classes on how to write effectively for woodwinds and piano, how to present new scores to performers, and tips on fostering relationships with willing performers.  Student composers are asked to have their compositions for flute/piccolo, saxes, and piano (or any combination of two) ready for Verismo Trio one week before the residency; the trio will perform each composition for the class and work with each composer to make any necessary revisions before a final concert of the students’ works. (Can be incorporated into a Verismo Trio concert depending on the length and number of student compositions.)  

This residency requires preparatory work with music faculty and receipt of scores to be workshopped at least one week before Verismo Trio arrives.  

Residency # 3: Creative Listening and Collaboration: Music is so much more than just sound; it has the power to express physical movement and emotions, paint pictures, and tell stories. In this residency option, all audience members are collaborators on collective works of art in which Verismo Trio provides the soundtrack (and a little bit of guidance!) against which students create their masterpieces.  An initial concert will be performed early in the day and students will be placed in small groups, each group creating artwork to accompany their assigned musical selection from the concert.  Groups will be given time to their projects, which can incorporate creative writing, dance, or visual art, and at the end of the day Verismo Trio will repeat their concert alongside each group’s presentation.  During the work period, members of Verismo Trio will meet individually with each group to help them organize and hone their creative visions.  

This residency may be presented in collaboration writing, dance, and/or visual art faculty, but their participation is not mandatory. This residency is also unique in that it does not require any knowledge of music and can therefore be presented to any population within the school, at all age levels. 

Choose Your Own Adventure: Select from the following options to tailor your residency to best suit your program’s needs, or add on to one of the residencies above.

  • Standard Concert: 1 hour in length with VT explaining musical selections in a fun, interactive way
  • Masterclasses for flute, saxophone, and piano: 1-2 hours in length, 2-4 students performing
  • Group masterclass on chamber music: 1-2 hours in length, 1-3 student chamber groups performing
  • Jazz clinic with Scott Turpen
  • Yoga/breathing workshops with Nicole Riner
  • Round table discussion with VT regarding music entrepreneurship
  • Q & A discussion on how to apply for colleges with Theresa Bogard


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