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Jason Barabba: Torschlusspanik

Sunny Knable: Glassworks

Marilyn Shrude: Notturno: In Memoriaum Toru Takemitsu

Dave Deason: Trio

Ivan Božičević: Spiritual Mountain

Jason Emerson: cloudServer

American Horsepower

Jennifer Higdon: Dash

Dave Deason: Six New Diversions for soprano saxophone and flute

Charles Koechlin: Epitaph to Jean Harlow

Sunny Knable: Glassworks

Russell Peterson: Trio No. 1

Trés Exotique! 

Claude Debussy, arr. Sharon Davis: Six Epigraphs Antiques

Ivan Božičević: Monkey Face

Marc Eychenne: Cantilene et Danse

Ryan Jesperson: Shark Week II: The Return of Sharknado

Mike Mower: Sonata Latino for flute and piano (with original improvised sax solos)

Duos and Trios

Max Dubois: Les Treteaux

Piet Swerts: Klonos (alto saxophone + piano)

Jason Barabba: (organism (flute + soprano saxophone)

Francis Poulenc: Sonata (flute + piano)

Jason Emerson: cloudServer

Choose Your Own Adventure!

Audience members are given a menu to fill out before the concert which includes all of our up-to-date repertoire with brief descriptions of each. We tabulate votes before the concert to perform a unique program that has been vetted by the audience for a new experience at each performance!

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